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Cressida BurnetCressida Burnet is an experienced and specialist Family Mediation Consultant.

Cressida was originally a Barrister having been called to the Bar in 1989 and practised at the Family Bar in cases involving financial matters and issues relating to children on separation and divorce. After leaving the Bar Cressida was involved with running her own business and as an adviser on other commercial businesses, she then retrained with the Family Mediators Association in December 2007 and now works exclusively in the area of mediation and as a consultant in managing divorces and separations.

Clients find her professional manner reassuring and her trained eye in identifying the issues invaluable. Her experience and foresight in reality testing any proposals put forward ensures that any agreement reached is workable.

Cressida works as a mediator in all areas that arise on divorce and separation including all aspects of a financial settlement and any issues related to children. Clients have used mediation to meet prior to seeing their solicitors so that they can identify the issues in dispute thereby streamlining and focussing their use of solicitors. Also, Cressida has worked with clients post divorce when issues have arisen in relation to contact arrangements.

Within her mediation practice Cressida actively involves other professionals who can often play an important role when clients separate and has excellent relations with matrimonial solicitors, accountants, forensic accountants, psychiatrists (adult and child), psychotherapists, Divorce support groups, parenting groups and other bodies who can play an invaluable part in helping clients and their families to deal with the divorce and separation process.

Cressida is trained and experienced in seeing children within the mediation process in the framework of Direct Child Consultation and can see clients under MIAM's (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting).

Cressida is a member of the Family Mediators Association. She generally practices within Central London seeing clients in The City, Victoria, Notting Hill Gate, Wandsworth and Richmond.


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