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'Cressida's calm, professional but friendly manner makes her a joy to work with. I would urge anybody contemplating divorce or separation to consult with Cressida as mediation can help you reach timely, cost effective and rational decisions.'
Dawn Buckland - Independent Financial Adviser for Timothy James & Partners

'Cressida is a highly competent mediator who has assisted many of my clients focus on the real issues which has helped them move on to resolve their differences. Even where final solutions have not been achieved clients are significantly further down the line after having had mediation sessions with Cressida. Cressida is firm, but sympathetic, warm and understanding. I would highly recommend her to those undergoing separation and divorce.'
Deborah Levy, Partner, WGS

'Mediation is not easy – I did not want to see my husband I was angry and upset, but, we had to sort the money out and much better to do it sitting round the table with someone there to help us to think of ways to come to an agreement. At the end of the process we had a neat package of documents to give to our solicitors this saved time and money.'
EZ – SW London

'When you are divorcing you feel so confused, angry and emotional – I felt so relieved to sit down with my wife and someone professional and impartial as well as experienced – we did not deal with all the problems but we put together a list of what we agreed and what we could not agree on – this made it cheaper in the long run and we both knew what we were dealing with – a well spent 2 hours !'
FR – Central London

'Cressida was so helpful in coming up with suggestions of how we could resolve our differences about contact arrangements for our children – her calm manner and her humour got us through a fairly difficult time – thank you'
TJ – SE London

'We come back to mediation every 6 months to sort out our contact arrangements for our son for the following year – cheaper than going to court and much less stressful'
DG – NE London

All discussions within the mediation room have to be kept confidential so we are unable to print full names of any clients.


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